About Us

Local Online Shopping Vancouver

Gandago is a Local Premium Online Market that sells specially-curated quality food, products, and services. A Korean Grocery Home Delivery Service for Korean Businesses! We partner with only the best of the best Korean businesses that are unmatched in their talent and expertise. You can also shop for Korean products that have been directly sourced from Korea on our website and collect points from every purchase!

There are an overflowing number of Korean foodmakers in Vancouver that are outstandingly talented by any person’s standards. Is there a way to receive their services in a more clean, convenient way? This Korean business focused Online Market started to deliver exactly that, with the heart of consumers in mind that want to easily compare quality and prices at the click of a cursor. Gandago will work hard on the delivery of a company that delivers smiles for our community’s producers, sellers, and consumers.

Our Story

The pandemic has drastically changed our lives in many ways. More than ever before, the safety of our community is of utmost importance. Gandago delivers curated locally-made food and products, specialized on Korean makers. That being said, we welcome all amazing vendors and embrace the diversity of our community.

Our Mission

Gandago’s mission is to bring curated products from local Korean-owned businesses to the forefront of consummerability and to the spotlight it deserves. Customers can safely enjoy the convenience of contactless delivery while exploring the authentic diversity that Korean products uniquely offer.

Gandago is a business that is founded in the thoughts of the consumer, seller, and mom and pop stores. Our product curation process includes all of our employees meticulously deliberating together to ensure that producers can effectively deliver their products, sellers are happy, and that we are supplying the products that customers want.

  • Support Local Businesses
  • High Quality & Service Standards - Meticulous Screening for goods that families would eat, use, and love. We only put out products that we personally experience, taste, and enjoy ourselves.
  • Offering the Best Prices - We find products with exceeding quality and high cost-effectiveness. We connect partner companies with customers with fair, affordable prices
  • Customer Satisfaction - We value your opinions. Gandago is alway open to communicate with our partners and customers.
  • Clean Packaging - Maintaining the freshness and cleanliness of products in packaging is an important element. Gandago uses the best packing material for each product. We will do our best to deliver more quickly and to farther distances in the future.

간다고 소개

  • 간다고는 좋은 음식, 물건 외 서비스들을 특별히 큐레이팅하여 판매하는 온라인 마켓입니다. 한인 업체들을 더욱 포커스한 로컬 프리미엄 그로서리 딜리버리 서비스입니다.
  • 실력있는 한인 비지니스들 사용하고, 한국 배송 직구된 물건들까지 구매 가능, 그리고 포인트도 쌓기
  • 밴쿠버에 뛰어난 실력을 가진 푸드 메이커들이 많이 있습니다. 좀더 깨끗하고, 좀더편하게 좋은 음식을 받아볼수 없을까? 한인업체들을 포커스한 온라인 마켓 시작은 품질과 가격을 비교하던 소비자의 마음에서 시작합니다. 생산자와 판매자 소비자가 함께 웃을수 있는 회사가 되도록 간다고는 열심히 달려가겠습니다.