Surrey EBS BOOK • Miracle Korean Learning 5-volume set


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Publisher: Gilbert School
Author: Younghwan Choi

『Miracle Hangul Learning』 is a customized Hangul learning program designed for children aged 4 and older. The author, who has studied Hangul education methods for a long time, has structured it so that children can learn Hangul easily and quickly based on the principles of Hangul. With a carefully selected 35-step learning program and content, it explains the essential things to learn for each learning element, starting from the easy ones. We design it so that you can learn even difficult things efficiently. In addition, we provide a detailed 'Parent Guide' so that mothers can complete homeschooling more easily and systematically.

Miracle Korean Learning Book Set of 5

Miracle Korean Language Learning is a customized Korean language program designed for infants over the age of 4. Based on the principles of Korean, the author, who has studied Hangeul education for a long time, organized it so that infants can learn Korean easily and quickly . With selected 35-step learning programs and content, each learning element is designed to efficiently learn from easy to difficult things. In addition, detailed “parent guidance” is provided so that parents can complete home schooling more easily and systematically.

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