Acorn Powder • 도토리 묵가루 1kg

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도토리묵 효능

  • 인체 내 중금속및 유해 물질 흡수
  • 당뇨및 암등 성인병 예방에 효과
  • 위장을 튼튼하게 하며 소화 촉진 효과
  • 피로 회복및 숙취에 탁월한 효과
  • 잇몸염,인후두염,화상등에 효과 등 건강식품

Acorn Powder Benefits

  • Absorption of heavy metals and other harmful substances in the body
  • Natural effects of preventing adult diseases such as diabetes and cancer
  • Promotes digestion and faster metabolism
  • Excellent effects on fatigue and hangover recovery
  • 100% natural health food that has healing properties for gum inflammation, sore throats, burns, etc.

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