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Lavender, coconut milk, and blue spirulina make this blend balanced, calming and smooth. Formulated to soothe inflammation and settle restlessness. Take a sip, turn your brain off and just do nothing.

Vegan ☁ Caffeine Free ☁ Organic

100g = 20-30 servings

Organic coconut milk powder, organic cane sugar, organic lavender and blue spirulina.

All our ingredients are ground which means better absorption of health benefits. Second benefit, more versatile. Go beyond brewed tea to superfood boosted smoothies, oatmeal and energy balls.

Superfood containing lavender, coconut milk, and blue spirulina. It is manufactured to reduce swelling and provide stability. Mix it into smoothies, oatmeal, and energy balls to absorb the health benefits right away!

Vegan ☁ Caffeine-free ☁ Organic⁠

Organic coconut milk powder, organic cane sugar, organic lavender, blue spirulina.

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