Mumgry Smooth Peanut Butter • 멈그리 무설탕 피넛버터


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MUMGRY Smooth Peanut Butter is an essential. Our naturally nutritious peanuts are dry-roasted to perfection and made in small batches. Each jar is hand-filled to preserve it’s creamy texture and slow down the process of oil separation that occurs in all natural nut butter. It’s rich in protein and with zero sugar or salt added our peanut butter is the perfect versatile snack! Enjoy it with toast, baked goods, fruit, ice cream, in a smoothie or use to make a savoury sauce. Go nuts and get creative or simply enjoy it on a spoon!

멈그리는 비욘세가 들고다닐정도로 인기있는 로컬 땅콩버터입니다. 밴쿠버에서 만들어진 무설탕, 무소금, 건강한 피넛버터입니다. 

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