Gary's Patisserie┃Mango Lychee Mousse Cake in-a-Jar • 망고 리치 무스 케이크

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🍰 Mango Lychee Mousse Cake is refreshing and flavourful. You will find diced mango and lychee meat inside this mousse cake-in-a-jar. As Gary uses less cream, the mango mousse appears to be denser than your everyday mousse cakes. But with less cream, you will be able to finish this jar without a problem because you won't feel full and heavy afterwards. Cake made fresh daily with real mangoes and lychee locally in Burnaby, BC. 


🍰 Ingredients: Mango, Gelatin, Mango Pulp, Lychee, Whipping Cream

🍰 Specification: 

Keep Refrigerated.  

Expiration date: 7 days

food allergen: dairy 

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