IMEX┃RYO Hair Loss Expert Care Shampoo Oily Scalp 400ml

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🧖‍♀️ 려 자양윤모 9EX 탈모증상전문케어 샴푸: 지성두피용
용량은 그대로, 성분과 효능은 업그레이드!

➡️ 탈모과학 려를 통해 탈모증상과 비듬을 한번에 케어하는 려 자양윤모9EX 탈모증상전문케어 샴푸
9가지 두피모발 증상을 한 번에 케어하는 려의 두피모발 케어 전문 기술
✨두피 보습
✨두피 영양
✨모발 보습
✨모발 인장강도
✨모발 부드러움
✨모발 거칠기 개선
✨모발 열보호
✨모발 탄력
✨모발 윤기


🧖♀️ Ryo Expert Hair Loss Care Shampoo: For oily scalps.

The dosage remains the same, but the ingredients and efficacy are now upgraded!


➡ Ryo Expert Hair Loss Care Shampoo takes care of hair loss symptoms and dandruff in one go with special hair loss treatment technology.

Ryo's scientifically-proven scalp and hair loss care takes care of 9 hair symptoms in 1 product!

✨ Scalp moisture

✨ Scalp nutrition

✨ Nourished hair

✨ Hair strength

✨ Soft hair

✨ Improving the roughness of your hair

✨ Hair heat protection

✨ Hair elasticity

✨ Glossy hair

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