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A masterpiece of the metaverse era!
Overwhelmingly popular! best seller!
About the Metaverse industrial structure!
Amazing knowledge that penetrates economy and society

Kim Sang-gyun, a pioneer of the Metaverse who first introduced the digital Earth to the domestic public, through 『Metaverse New Opportunities』
By explaining what the metaverse is and the direction the metaverse will take in the future, we can help many people live on a new earth.
We deliver methods and secrets to seize the future. Sang-gyun Kim uses the metaverse to give us a new look at our lives and society.
Comparing it to a lens that creates, through that lens we can miss out on new opportunities amid the world's turbulent changes.
We present a strategy that can lead the metaverse era. He said, “In the metaverse era, the business type is
“A revolution will occur, and this will be an opportunity for companies to make a quantum jump,” he said. Also, “the flow of the present is the past
“It will be a greater information revolution than the revolution created by the Internet and smartphones,” he said.
He emphasized that we must prepare for the metaverse as a long-term growth task.
For a clearer investment analysis, another investment specialist, Bengal Tiger (Shin Byeong-ho), came forward. Countless
The Bengal Tiger, which led investors on the path to success, is the industry, market, and new planet that will change due to the metaverse.
Analyzed with eyes. Bengal Tiger says that the metaverse is an infinite market where anything you can imagine is possible.
market according to the core structure of the five metaverse industries, including hardware, software, infrastructure, platform, and content.
Analyze and dismantle companies and provide information that is actually helpful to investors through 『Metaverse New Opportunities『 included.

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