Doni · 도니만두┃Handmade Dumpling for Deep Frying • 군만두 900g (약 27개)

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기계만두에서 손만두로 바뀌었습니다.

Mandu is dumpling in Korean. Doni is well-known for its delicious handmade dumplings! Treat their kimchi, meat, and deep friend dumplings like popstickers you throw in your wok to steam for the perfect snack or meal!

이 제품은 익혀드셔야 합니다. 
찜기에 찌셔서 드시면, 맛있는 만두를 집에서 즐기실수 있습니다. 

*This product needs to be cooked.
If you steam it in a steamer, you can enjoy delicious dumplings at home.

Flour, Pork, Chives, Glass Noodle, Cabbage, Onion, Tofu, Starch, Salt

밀가루, 돼지고기, 부추, 당면, 양배추, 양파, 두부, 전분, 소금

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