Gary's Patisserie┃HandMade Mango Passionfruit Jam • 망고 패션프룻 잼

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망고 과육과 패션 프루트로 만들어 최고의 열대 잼 조합을 만듭니다.
케이크, 크루아상, 토스트, 비스킷에 넣어 먹거나 요거트에 곁들이면 드시면 아침 식사와 디저트로 완벽합니다.

Made with mango pulp and passion fruit, they make the best tropical jam combination. Delicious in cake, croissants, toasts, biscuits or scooped over yogurt, it's perfect for breakfast and dessert. 

Ingredients: Chopped Mango, Sugar, Passion Fruit, Lemon Juice

Please keep refrigerated after opening

- Require min. 1 Day advanced ordering unless orders are full for the day whichever comes first

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