Infusion Soy Sauce (밴쿠버 로컬간장) - Garlic

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일본에서 6개월동안 숙성해서 온 간장

생강,마늘,고추 등을 직접 사용하기때문에 드시기전에 꼭 흔들어서 사용하세요!


Traditionally fermented in Japan for 6 months. Infused and packaged in B.C.,

This is your opportunity to try all 4 flavours. Your palate is doing a happy dance. So many possibilities!

We ferment our product for 6 months, this process adds great depth to our flavours!

Made in B.C.

We use real Ginger, Garlic, Peppers. Don’t forget to shake it!


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