Organic Kids Snack • 올바른 유기농 쌀과자 30g

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Flavours: 달콤한 롱킥(Sweet Flavours)
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Organic Kids Snack | 올바른 유기농 쌀과자

  • 달콤한 롱킥 (Sweet Flavours)
  • 고소한 롱킥 (Sesame Flavours)
  • 소프트 롱킥 (Xylitol Flavours)
  • 어니언 롱킥 (Onion Flavours)

💛 부드럽고 달달한 맛 당류 0g ⁠

💛 부담없이 건강한 맛⁠

💛 어린이도 엄마도 좋아하는 현미과자! ⁠ 

Sweet flavored w/ 0g Sugar
Healthy & delicious taste, soft & kid-friendly, zero the burden!

Packed with protein & has glowing customer reviews!
Children love it and mothers approve, the perfect snack made of organic brown rice.

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