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First Snack Online

Comprehensive Gift Set

For my child who prefers Korean snacks

Comprehensive Gift Set!! It is configured at a lower price than the mart!

Has it been cumbersome to go to the mart every time to buy children's snacks? Now

presented by MarketClick

Order a variety of comprehensive gift sets~ Look forward to more diverse packages in the future~


* Configuration

Crown ) Corn cheese 66g 1 bag

HAITAI) Oyes 28g*12 box

HAITAI ) French Pie - Strawberry 192g 1box

HAITAI ) Baked potato 2 bundles 48g (24g*2 bundles)

Lotte ) Pepero-Original (S) 47g 1 pc

HAITAI ) Honey Butter Chips 60g 1 Bag

Crown )Cook Das-Vienna Coffee 128g*20 sticks 1box

Crown )chocoheim 142g*20 sticks 1 box

Nongshim ) Shrimp cracker 75g 1 bag

Nongshim) Chochung Yugwa 80g 1 bag




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