PACIFIC FOOD Barista Series™ Coconut Original 1BOX (12 Pack)

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부드럽고 크리미한 코코넛 밀크, 커피에 타먹어도 맛있습니다. 

우유 대신 코코넛 밀크! 식물성 코코넛밀크로 라우르산이 많이 함유되어 있으며, 부담없이 한끼 식사대용으로도 좋습니다.  일반 우유를 드시면 속이 불편하셨던 분들에게 적극추천! 

Soft and creamy coconut milk with coffee is delicious!

Coconut milk instead of cow's milk! Vegetable coconut milk that contains a lot of lauric acid, and also good for any meal. Perfect alternative for vegans, lactose-free, dairy-free consumers. 

Water, Coconut Cream (Coconut Milk, Water, Xanthan Gum), Cane Sugar, Contains Less Than 1% of: Carrageenan, Gellan Gum, Natural Flavor, Sea Salt, Sodium Citrate, Tripotassium Citrate.


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