MEAT92 · 미트구이┃Premium Marinated Pork • 프리미엄 돼지갈비 2LB

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맛있는 돼지갈비를 찾으셨나요? 
엄선한 재료들로 만든 미트구이의 "명품" 돼지갈비를 만나보세요! 
잡내를 없애고, 담백한 맛을낸 돼지갈비입니다. 부드럽고 고소한 육즙이 가득한 맛있는 돼지갈비! 
돼지갈비 하나면 반찬걱정 끝입니다. 

Are you looking for delicious pork? Try out Korean Premium Marinated Pork!

Only made with specially selected ingredients. Meat92's pork melts in your mouth with its delicious flavour! The tender and savoury sauce gives you the perfect taste to Korean cuisine. With easy preparation, this dish is palatable for those unfamiliar with Asian cuisine and popular for good reason!

Don't worry about side dishes because this dish will be the star of the show!

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