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indoor and outdoor car wash: 실내 세차
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Provides professional and high quality services to customers
Shine is Back Auto Detailing, a car wash specialist for interior and exterior detailing.
We offer a 10% discount to customers who order from Gandago.
As an add-on service that can be added to the basic service,
Interior leather cleaning and special coating $90 (requires indoor car wash)
Interior and exterior plastic trim coating $90 (requires interior and exterior car wash)
Complete paint cleansing and 2-layer wax installation $180 (outdoor car wash required)
Approximate service time is 3 hours for basic service indoors and outdoors (may take longer for large vehicles)
1 hour 30 minutes for indoor or outdoor only
Add-on service takes an extra hour each
The situation that must be requested from the customer is
1. Space for detailing car wash
2. Whether or not water is available for external car washing
3. Outlet
for car wash equipment use
The worker visits with all the equipment and chemicals for car washing
Since the above 3 things are essential, it is not possible to work in condominiums where car wash spaces are not provided.
Considering the damage inflicted on the vehicle with a high-end detailing car wash service
The coating makes the car protectable even after washing.
This is a service provided by professional brand products and professional workers. Considering the working hours,
I think you can imagine how meticulous the work is.

We offer a 10% discount to customers who order from Gandago.

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