Surrey EBS BOOK I Eve's three daughters

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Publisher: Sodam Publishing House
Author: Elif Shafaq
Translator: Eunkyung Oh

A novel written by Turkish Nobel Prize nominee Elif Shapak, loved in 56 languages

Eleph Shapak, who received the Mevlana Literary Award, the Turkish Novel Award, and the Order of Merit for Culture and Arts, and is widely known as a representative writer of Turkey, 『The Three Daughters of Eve』 has been released to Korea. has been published Elif Shafak, in his work, thoroughly explores the inner circumstances of Turkiye to the extent that he was accused of defaming Turkiye by the Turkiye government. 『Eve's Three Daughters』 is a long novel that clearly shows various issues such as social confusion, politics, religious issues, and women's rights in Turkey. Through this work, Elif Shapak has been praised by various media outlets such as the Sunday Times, Financial Times, and Irish Times, and her works have been translated into various languages ​​around the world and are much loved. The Korean version of 『The Three Daughters of Eve』 is directly translated from the Turkish version by Oh Eun-kyung, the best translator of Turkish literature in Korea, and conveys the emotion through her vivid translation.


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