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Hackers – IELTS Reading

Publisher: Hackers
Author: Hackers Language Institute

The latest version of IELTS that 100% reflects the latest trends
Achieving high scores by targeting IELTS topics

With Hackers IELTS Reading, you can target problems by type and get a high score.
By presenting subdivided types and problem solving methods, you can perfectly prepare for the type before IELTS reading.

Includes a practical reading test that perfectly reflects the latest trends in IELTS, and presents appendices and additional learning materials for achieving a high score in
IELTS that have not been seen anywhere else.

- Reading word memorization MP3
2. GoHackers(
1) IELTS reading/listening practice questions
2) IELTS writing/speaking correction bulletin board


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Target: Customers who purchase books from the Surrey EBS bookstore in Gandago
Location: Hideout of the Surrey EBS bookstore
Date of meetings: Once a month. The date and time will be decided after discussing with the monthly attendees.

How to apply:
1. Buy a book introduced by the Surrey EBS bookstore in Gandago.
2. Send a message to (Helen and her open chat), “Request to join the book club.”

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