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Hackers – IELTS. TOEFL. SAT. Preparation for special purpose high school exams – Vocabulary

Publisher: Hackers
Author: David Cho

The revised version of Hackers Vocabulary has become stronger with the latest IELTS TOEFL trend. The trend of the latest
questions in the TOEFL test has been thoroughly analyzed, and headings have been included in order of frequency. In addition to headwords, it contains the latest points of the TOEFL test, such as
synonyms that have already appeared, important synonyms that are expected to be asked, confusing words, and
synonyms that need to be identified in context. In addition, frequently used vocabulary in all
areas of the IELTS TOEFL are collected by topic, and a book of frequently used vocabulary by topic is provided as a separate volume

■ Provide free materials
1. Hackers Voca memorization application
2. Word test paper generator program (

■ Information sold separately
Textbook MP3 sold separately (


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