Surrey EBS BOOK I Impatient Child, Angry Parents

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Author: Oh Eun-young

A guide for parents and children who have difficulty controlling their emotions

Children learn slowly. It takes time for a child to understand unfamiliar situations and given conditions, process them in the brain, and put them into action. At this time, parents should think of 'waiting for granted' rather than 'bearing'. If they think that their parents are patient with them, they exclaim, “I wish they would have tolerated me this much!” But waiting for a child is natural. A child is not an adult. He doesn't think as quickly and systematically as his parents. When a child cries, parents urge the child to stop 'quickly'. However, children grow through the process of self-controlling their emotions while crying. The more the parent insists on the child, the longer it takes the child to process the new stimuli her parents give her, and never learns to control her emotions. You can teach a child's problem behavior without yelling at him or exploding his anger. This book will be a must-have guide for both parents and children who are struggling with emotional control.


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