Surrey EBS BOOK I Shin Eui-jin's Child Psychological Encyclopedia

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Publisher: Walking Tree
Author: Euijin Shin

The 4th to 6th grade of elementary school is the last time to change a child through conversation. Therefore, parents should have an attitude of 'listening to', 'empathizing with', and 'trusting' the child's
. This book focuses on keywords such as the 15 best questions that parents are most curious about, effective study methods, troubles with going to school and career, adolescent problematic behavior, and correct
sex education. It contains everything about him.
A child who answers without losing a word and hates anything you say, a child who runs away when you tell him to study
, a child who curses anywhere, a child who has no likes or dreams.
I will teach the parents of seniors in the upper grades the wise parenting know-how of educating their children through conversation.


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