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Publisher: Philosophy of Trees
Author: Yunjeong Kwak

What is the biggest concern of Korean mothers? A child who never says
, a child who is addicted to games or smart phones all day long, a child who listens to mom casually and repeats the same
mistake, a child who gets angry over trivial things... .

When I am like me, I think anyone can do that, so I watch with patience. They study and listen to lectures to find out their psychological state objectively, but the relationship
is not being restored, but is gradually being severed. In this case, mothers think like this. 'Is there something else I don't know about?'
Professor Kwak Yoon-jeong, who is one of Korea's best children's education
experts by holding various lectures including EBS Documentary Prime, has been struggling with her relationship with her children for the past 10 years. As a result of counseling
parents who speak out, it was revealed that what they are overlooking is the innate
characteristics that their children have had since birth. In particular, there were many
mothers who found it difficult to communicate with their sons rather than their daughters, and this was also
a conflict caused by the female mother's inability to understand the male son's nature. Focusing on this point, Professor Kwak incorporated brain development research, which is actively being studied in developed countries such as the United States and France, into children's education and put it into a book titled 《Son's Brain》.
This book
contains an exploration of a son's instincts that mothers who have lived as women could never have imagined. By presenting scientific evidence for the questions and worries that all Korean mothers have Acknowledge and accept
your son's thoughts and actions as they are. In addition, he will be a faithful guide to accepting his son as a whole
person, not just a subject of discipline, and directing him toward true communication.


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