Witch BBQ Pork Ribs 2lbs/3.5lbs

Size: M(2 lbs)
Sale price$30.00


☆ Witch BBQ  Pork ribs (2 lbs/3.5lbs)

A harmony between the soft texture of premium quality raw meat and savory seasoning.
If you are fed up with similar tastes, try the steamed witch ribs!
You can distribute it several times in small packages.

◇This product is a frozen product, so you can defrost it in the refrigerator for about a day and then bake it well on the grill.

◇ Composition: M(2 lbs) - Seasoned short rib + Additional Sauce      

◇ Components:  L (3.5 lbs) - Seasoned short rib + Additional sauce    


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