Witch BBQ · Squid Jeyuk Bulgogi 2 lbs/3.5lbs

Size: M(2 lbs)
Sale price$33.00


☆ Witch BBQ  Squid Jeyuk Bulgogi 2 lbs/3.5lbs

◇Bon The product is a frozen product, so after thawing in the refrigerator for about a day, stir-fry it well in a pan.
◇When the meat is cooked to some extent, stir-fry it with vegetables according to your preference.◇Composition: M(2 lbs) Jeyuk Bulgogi +  Seasoned squid +  Additional seasoning     
◇Composition: L(3.5 lbs) Jeyuk Bulgogi +  Seasoned squid +  Additional seasoning

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