Witch BBQ • Meat Patties (with sauce) 7pcs/12pcs

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Size: M (7pcs)
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☆ Witch BBQ · Meat. Patties 7pcs / 12pcs

We released delicious meat patties by adding tofu, vegetables, and secret seasoning to the soft texture of premium raw meat.
Witch BBQ's new meat patties are soft and delicious even when cooled!!
Can be used as a snack, side dish, or accompaniment to drinks. 

◇This product is a frozen product, so you can thaw it in the refrigerator, add oil to the pan, and bake it at medium to low temperature.

◇ M (7pcs) - $30 Meat Patties + Dipping Sauce 
     L(12pcs) - $50 Meat Patties + Dipping Sauce