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This is a body-shaping machine that gets rid of cellulite and helps you clean your body to add elasticity.
This machine is designed with cutting-edge science that tightens sagging parts of your hips to shape your body desirably. It lives up to its coveted reputation as the world's best mechanical LPG using endermologie/lipomassage.

It is a body shaping machine that removes cellulite and helps you create a more elastic body.^^
It is a scientifically designed machine that lifts sagging buttocks and adjusts flesh to the desired area. It is as cool as the reputation of the world's first LPG machine using Endermology .

What is Endermology?

Endermology, a cutting-edge French technique, is a treatment device that was developed by Louis Paul Guatay in France in the late 1970s and is still being used to manage body shape through cellulite reduction and local fat removal. It uses two adhesive rollers and a powerful vacuum. It is a cellulite removal treatment using , developed in the early 80s and patented as a unique new technology, and its efficacy was recently proven by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

By using negative pressure on the area where fat is accumulated, it helps burn fat through continuous contraction and relaxation, and drains the destroyed fat tissue through blood vessels and lymphatic vessels, improving blood circulation and reducing the amount of fat. At the same time, you can achieve the effect of smoothing the rough skin caused by cellulite, which is hardened fat. In addition, endermology, which uses negative vacuum pressure and positive rolling pressure, is a procedure that strengthens the skin's elastic tissue by promoting fine blood and lymph circulation and strongly stimulating fat cells to facilitate their excretion to the outside of the body.

It uses vacuum negative pressure to facilitate blood and lymph circulation to expel waste products, and continuously and strongly stimulates the skin tissue with vacuum suction and rollers to break down fat and remove cellulite from rough and hard areas. This is effective in reducing cellulite and managing body shape by improving swelling and increasing skin elasticity.

Principles of Endermology

Vacuum negative pressure pulls the skin tissue, and the specially designed roller continuously contracts and relaxes the fat cells and surrounding connective tissue to help burn fat and realign the skin's elastic fibers to increase skin elasticity, creating a beautiful body line. give.

Looking at it step by step, it first breaks down the fiber surrounding the fat and smoothes out the clogged vascular system. Next, the fat is broken down and liquefied by breaking the links between each fat.
Sufficiently decomposed fat is discharged into the lymph and blood vessels and burned in the blood circulation and muscles to be discharged out of the body. If it is not burned within 2-3 days, it will solidify again.
As fat is released and the skin relaxes, the treatment is combined with toning work to add elasticity to the skin.

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