Trinity Spa • Immuno Restructuring Face Mask (for troubled and sensitive skin) 150ml

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Restructuring face mask

For a cleansing, astringent and regenerating action. Mixed with an equal quantity of SYNCHRO cream, it will have the best purifying and anti-aging action.

Purifying and revitalizing, suitable for those in need of regeneration, with irritations and imperfections. Aged, dehydrated skin, marks, irritated imperfections and acne

Main Ingredients:

  • Powerful biological extraction
  • Rich in essential amino acids to restore the skin
  • Natural Kaolin
  • Emollient fatty acids

The famous Synchro and Immuno from Genetics, France, that actresses secretly use! Super regenerating cream!!

Now you can easily meet them here!
You can find it here at a cheaper price than in Korea.

GERNETIC is a product created by French biologist Albert La Porte to strengthen the immune and regenerative ability of the skin.

Super Regenerative Cream you can use on your face, neck, and body.
Activate its synergy effect when used with the Synchro cream.

√ Immuno Cream
If you use it regularly when pimples and bumps surface, you can experience the calming effect almost immediately.
It is mainly used by people with skin troubles, acne scars, pigmentation, and sensitive skin.
It is recommended for troubled skin because it also removes toxins. from the skin and suppresses acne.

How to use: When you use the Synchro cream + Immuno, you can apply it at the end of your skincare routine.

Ratio to apply:Normal Skin: Synchro 1:1 Immuno
Oily skin: Synchro 1:2 Immuno
Dry Skin Synchro 2:1 Immuno

When using Immuno alone:Apply thick enough to hide the skin texture and wash it with lukewarm water after 20 minutes.

√ If you use it according to your skin condition, you can see the effects of regeneration, vitality and healing

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